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Shows I remember   
09:44am 08/07/2008
mood: silly
a little nostalgia for youse.

I love NICK AT NIGHT when I was little. Donna Reed, my 3 sons, Patty Duke was by far MY FAV. I wanted an identical cousin..i didn't have one but i thought it would be awesome to switch places. Especially if she were British, like Cathy.

When I stayed home, there was NOTHING on tv. I remember watching Nick Jr. Maya the Bee, David the Gnome..and the HORRIBLE Sharon, Lois and Bram elephant show. What was wrong with those people? Creepy ass gray beard singing Skidamarinka dinky dink. AHHH... I think I was either too lazy to change the channel or I'm love torture. It's like the Wiggle dudes but way older and in puff paint sweatshirts.

When I was about 10 or 11 "at that age" I was really into teen dramas. Does anyone remember "Fifteen"? Nobody ever remembers that show. It was SO BAD and dramatic. I can honestly say I don't remember one episode just drama and guess mini jean skirts with socks and cole haans.

What about "welcome freshman"? or "parker lewis can't lose"? these were awesome shows that nobody ever talks about.
Where do these lost series go? I bet they were in Universal vault that caught fire last month, never to be heard or seen again. Kinda sad, really.

Even "I love the 's" don't discuss these series. they really need to get some shit together and do a teensy bit more research. the 90's were more than Liz Phair and the Tupac/Biggie war, Vh1..

With that.. I leave you to discuss everyone's favorite ginger kids..

Pete and Pete!
10:24am 18/02/2008
mood: tired
Oh sweet Jesus. yes, i gained 4 lbs on vacation. HA HA. and It was soooo yummy. I ate like it was going out of style. I mean, i ate rich but not in huge quantities. oh well. gotta exercise and shit now. sigh. no more excuses.

back to work on WW.

B: special k and all bran-5

L: tuna salad-3 bread-4

S: china cola-2 cookie-3

D: bean soup and biscuits-6

this will put me at 23 points. e gads. i prolly coulda done w/out the cola and cookie. BAD MOLLY!

also, I lost my debit card today and walked through gasoline and my pants reek of gas. god. can i go to bed yet?
01:46pm 28/01/2008
mood: full
So this weekend, I did OKAY. I coulda done better but I am pmsing and I am ready to house everything in front of me. It's redonk.

B: Boca Wrap and TJ Bar-7

L: tuna salad-8

S: dunkin hot cocoa- 2

22 points. I have 2 points left. HA HA.

The scale on Friday said 185.6! but this morning it said 188.0 blah.

D: um, don't have much left to work with here...
10:29am 25/01/2008
mood: accomplished
Hurrah! 185.6!
and FP starts over
B: egg and cheese sandwich-6
iced coffee-4

dont know about lunch
or dinner.

i did a weight and cardio class last night that is making my thighs burn like a bad rash.
01:35pm 23/01/2008
mood: uncomfortable
Ughhers. I need to my ass on straight.

B-Trader Joes bar-3

L: 1/2 serving Laab-4 Minestrone-3

D: Roasted asparagus-1
Mashed potatos-5

AP: 30 min cardio burn dvd
03:34pm 17/01/2008
mood: ecstatic
B: cream of wheat-4

L: tuna/potato and mac salad-15

D: burritos-7


btw-I just booked a cruise!!!!!!!
01:38pm 15/01/2008
mood: pissed off
I gotta get ahold of this.

I have been binge eating the last two days. My head isn't on straight. This cannot continue. I have spent the last 4 months working my ass off to lose almost 20 lbs and there's no freakin way I am gonna let this weight come back on (after I just totally binged at lunch..sigh)

I need some accountability so I guess it's back to meetings to get my fat ass into gear. this shit is ridiculous.


so basically i shouldn't eat for the rest of today.. or tomorrow.
04:36pm 14/01/2008
mood: determined

B: 1/2 egg and cheese on hoagie roll-5

L: pei wei pad thai-10

D: tbd

Ap: walked a mile downtown today on my way to municipal court. whoo hoo!
i ate way too much this weekend and drank like a damn fish. i love alcohol but my waist don't.
this weekend i do not plan on drinking except for Sunday night which is our 7th (SEVENTH!) anniversary and we are going to SCRANTON for sno tubing.. oh yeah.
08:39pm 10/01/2008
  B; applesauce2

L taco hell-12

D: hoagie-7
24 points

down to 187!
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05:01pm 09/01/2008
mood: indifferent
Here is today so far

B: Hot cocoa-2

L: Lasagna-6

D: plan on veggie riblets (4)
potato salad (3)
corn (2)
baked french fries (3)

Last night I caved and had indian food. it was really good and I am sure worth about 15 points.
so I am deducting 7 points from my weekly points allowance.

I will also do 30 mins of ellipitcal tonight. headache or no headache.
giving up coffee is NO FUN. Update: I DID IT!

B: french toast-6

L: chickfila-15 oops

D: working at 2nd job. won't really get a chance to eat.

AP's-working and walking for 4 hours
04:00pm 08/01/2008
mood: thirsty
Here is today so far

B: Hot cocoa-2

L: Lasagna-6

D: plan on veggie riblets (4)
potato salad (3)
corn (2)
baked french fries (3)

Last night I caved and had indian food. it was really good and I am sure worth about 15 points.
so I am deducting 7 points from my weekly points allowance.

I will also do 30 mins of ellipitcal tonight. headache or no headache.
giving up coffee is NO FUN.
An Actual post!   
04:19pm 07/01/2008
mood: drained
Well since I last posted I have lost 17 lbs. Gained a little back during the holidays but other than that, have done really well.
I am going to attempt to keep my food log here again.

here goes

B: Grapefruit-0

S: trader joes bar-2

L: homemade lasagna-5

S: yogurt-2

D: I think fried rice and springrolls (all homemade) 10-11 points?

S: brownie-4

AP: 20 mins elliptical if my headache dies.
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oy vey   
04:14pm 13/09/2007
mood: drained
Ugh, so not so good so far. still trying though


B: coffee
L: cottage cheese
S: plum
D: Rice, sesame chicken (1/2 cup-6 points) and egg drop soup (core)


B: Shredded wheat/banana/milk
L: Turkey burger, salad and a few fries, ice tea
D: dont know...

But I weighed this morning and I was down 4 lbs from last week. so there's hope.
I am thinking of picking up this book. The becks diet solution. i think it's called. it supposed to help you train your brain. it's not a diet. heard good things so we'll see.

The alli must be working...the salad moved right through...ewww.
09:00am 11/09/2007
mood: okay
So last night I made cottage cheese (core) and mandarin oranges (core) dessert; it was pretty good. reminded me of ambrosia salad..yum.
AND i did the elliptical for 10 mins. i know it doesn't seem like alot but I never exercise so it's alot for me. sheesh.

so far today

b: shredded wheat (core), bannana (core) and rice milk (1)
preety preety good.

L: huge salad. low fat poppy seed dressing (1 wpa)

d: turkey taco salad
lettuce, tom, salsa, (core)
light cheese and sr cream (2 wpa)

s: cottage cheese and mandarin oranges (core)

day 2 down!

10 mins exercise!
The never ending DIIIIIEEETTT!!!   
03:33pm 10/09/2007
mood: blah
This will again be my little journal for weight loss.
I am trying to stay under 1500 calories in a WW coreish way. I hate WW BTW.
I am also taking Alli (oily poop and all) so hopefully, this will help.

Today Sept 10, 2007

B: Carnation instant breakfast (1 WPA)
FF milk (core)

L: Tuna, mustard, beans (magical fruit), evoo (core)
Lite wheat bread and 1 tsp lite mayo (2 wpa)
Bowl of shredded wheat (core)
1/2 cup of vanilla rice milk (1 wpa)

D: Morningstar fake chicken patty, lett, tom (core)
Lite bun (1 wpa)
Butter bean salad (core)

S: Shredded wheat, banana and FF milk (core)
So today I will use 5 of my 35 WPA and not eat enough fruits. grr..

I watched Fast Food nation this weekend. Really trying not to eat meat. I am SO skeeved. I know tuna is a meat. I am also trying to limit my dairy. I have thyroid disease so soy milk is out. I think I like the rice milk but it's not core due to the sugar content. I havent tried the unsweetened almond milk and it would be core.

Ugh, I actually READ fast food nation about 3 years ago but the movie just grossed my out and it wasnt anything like the book other than the name. Did you know that there is always a little bit of shit in ground meat? It gets cooked and whatever and it's ok to eat but thats fuckin nasty.
see ya tomorrow.
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Rachael Ray is a cum dumpster!!! Sandra Lee is saggy tittied whore..   
03:12pm 28/05/2007
Weds Jan 3 2006   
02:20pm 03/01/2007
mood: blah
Here we are. I went over by 1.5 point yesterday. NOT BAD.

Here is today

B-Fast: Carnation-3

California Roll-6

Dinner: turkey and lite swiss on lite rye bread with a smidgen of mayo and avacado

ww eclair for desert-3
Daily Journal   
10:17am 02/01/2007
mood: tired
Well the weekend wasn't horrible. I mean, I didn't really follow CORE like I should so I have decided to switch back to flex but focus on Core foods.

this morning
I had coffee with cream-1
coffee cake-3

Went to Bertucci's for lunch

Salad-3 points for dressing
Bertuccis has no nutritional info anywhere, so I am guessing. Tried to go as low fat as possible.
I think I did OKAY. but now I have to figure what's for dinner. I have 9 points.

Maybe Gnocci and Sauce? that should be under 9 points.
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09:23am 29/10/2006
mood: annoyed
Wow, what a boring ass weekend.

Kevin and I went to Dave and Busters with our neighbors on thursday. It was fun, too bad they have a kick ass happy hour from 9-11 and we just sat at the bar and drank. We are bad like that.
They went off to play and we sat and drank...hmmmm.

I wasn't feeling very well and had a horrible day at work and just wasn't feeling like doing much. On friday I was so depressed all day, I didn't even get out of bed. My asshole boss sent me an email while I was at home telling me to clean my desk up.. I got here this morning and there was a phonebook on the ground. I mean, really??? Thanks DAD, I'll be sure to clean my room for you.
What a fucking jerkoff. I really hate him.
He's such a piece of shit, his wife has basically castrated him at home so he comes to work and acts like mr big time...dude, you work in a cubicle..really.
I have no idea why I am letting him get to me like this. I really don't care what he thinks, but I sit right next to him and I feel like he always on my ass about something. I wish he would just dissapear for awhile and let me be.

I have been on NUvaRing and I think it's making me crazy. I really don't feel right. I was okay for a little bit, but I took it out last Sunday and I have been a royal BITCH ever since. I have zero tolerance for anything. I have bitten Kevin's head off numerous times when he didn't deserve it. (sorry, kev)
Ugh, i wonder if i should go back on it today... I don't want to feel or act like this anymore.
10:10am 06/08/2006
mood: discontent
Finally for a lot of things.

My girlfriend Anna and her husband Jason are coming to visit for my birthday! I will be the ripe old age of 25.

While cleaning out the 2nd bedroom yesterday, I found a picture of myself when I was 19. It was right after I met Kevin. I looked so good, no wonder he lusted after me..j/k but wow, I have changed over the past 5 years. Physically and mentally. Mentally for the better but physically for the worse.

It's a little depressing. I really need to 'get on the wagon' and get my shit together. I am happy with just about everything in my life except the way I look. It's so superficial and dumb but when I walk down the street I don't want to imagine people thinking mean things about me anymore. I want to be able to look strangers in the eye. I want to be able to go out to a bar and not worry that I am the grossest person in the place and everyone else thinks that too.

God, how awful is my self-esteem? Maybe I should see a therapist.
I have been half ass doing weight watchers. I always do that! I start off strong, get a little weight loss and then just stop. Old Habits die hard, I guess.
Sometimes I think about just letting myself gain the 20 lbs needed so I can get lap-band surgery. Isn't that horrible?